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Grumble Guts – A-Derma Cleansing Oil

21 Mar


Devil juice!

About ten days ago my skin went mental. It was flaky and dry like nobody’s business, so I hit Boots and grabbed everything that looked vaguely moisturizing. I bought a few other things too but because this stuff messed my skin up so badly I haven’t been able to really form a proper opinion.

I’ve been wanting to try a cleansing oil for a while now, rather then my Avene cleanser, as I was using that when I was suffering from some hormonal acne, and I now find it a bit too drying. My skin is combination, leaning towards the dry side, but recently its been really dry. This was marketed as being for “Extremely dry/atopic skin” and states on the box that its gentle enough to even be used on baby’s skin.

Big no no.

This product does have some pros – it’s not heavily perfumed, I like the packaging, and it takes off my make up well. It’s not as runny as I was expecting it to be, in fact, its actually quite thick and not that easy to spread on your face. It also left my skin feeling quite tight, which I thought was really strange seeing as its meant to be for dry skin.

The next day, my skin was covered in tiny little bumps. I thought maybe it was something to do with a new bronzer I’d bought, but these little bumps were even on my eyelids so that was out of the question! Throughout the day, my face felt itchy and at times, even a bit painful. Later in the week, my skin got really flaky, especially around my nose and between my eyebrows. NIGHTMARE!

I stopped using this and started slathering on moisturiser, at one point even resorting to slapping Nivea Creme all over my face! I’m not totally writing off this product as my skin is dry to begin with and it might work for more oily skins, but I resent the fact that it was marketed as being hydrating and gentle for use on extremely dry (note: not even just “dry” skin – “extremely dry”!) and in fact only worsened what I was suffering from originally.

I bought mine for around £8 at Boots. Displeased.