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My Perfume Collection

13 Feb

I’m really really fussy when it comes to fragrance, I find it very difficult to choose scents as very few on the market appeal to me. However, having said that, I couldn’t say that I have a distinct “type” when it comes to perfume – the ones I own are all quite varied. I absolutely despise most of the sickly sweet scents on the market, and find more and more often that everything I spray in department stores smells the same. I guess the ones I do own are probably because they were the only things that smelled different!

The first, and one of my all time favourites which I have sadly run out of, is Dior’s Midnight Poison.

I can’t think of a more subtle way to put this so I’m just gonna spit it out – it smells like sex. Obviously not in a gross way, in a “I feel so unbelievably sexy I could stop traffic right now” way. I think putting “Midnight” in the name is applicable because this is definitely a night time scent – as soon as I spray it everything gets all dark and mystical and Vampire Diaries on my ass. It starts off with citrus notes of bergamot and orange, mellowing into rose with a base of patchouli, amber and vanilla. I don’t normally like “vanilla-y” scents, but this blends really well, lending it a hint of sweetness, rather than making you smell like a candyfloss carny stand. It lasts absolutely all day, you can spray it in the morning and not need a top up, and I always always get compliments on my perfume when I wear this.

Next up, one that is technically a man’s scent. I’m quite often attracted to men’s perfumes, simply because they do tend to lean away from the cloying sweetness that is ever present in the offerings for women. This here is Fresh’s “Cannibis Santal” (OOOH naughty name! It does not smell like bong water. I promise.)
This follows a similar sort of pattern as midnight poison, opening with fruity notes of orange plum and bergamot, which fade to leave mid notes of patchouli and rose (do we see the similarity here..?) on top of base notes of musk, dark chocolate and vetiver. The chocolate lends the same sweetness to the equation as the vanilla, and this fragrance does make me feel all yummy and hot and full of sexiness, but I find it transfers better as a day scent. I’d be happy wearing this during the day, whereas Midnight Poison I sometimes feel is a little too “lady of the night” for day time. Not to say it makes you smell like a prostitute. Only a call girl. JUST MESSIN’. Anyway bottom line – it’s yummy smellin’. Doesn’t last as well as midnight poison but I have the titchy 30 ml bottle which is uber transportable for top ups.

My go to day time scent is Chloe’s Eau de Parfum. I’m massively lemming for the intense version. This has the best silage and lasting power of anything I know – people tell me they know which rooms I’ve been in because the perfume lingers. It really does fill the air around you without being overpowering or offensive, which is a pretty big feat if you ask me. I’m also in love with the packaging, anything faintly Art Deco has me totally hooked.
It opens with notes of peony, freesia, and lychee, moving into mid notes of rose, lily of the valley, and magnolia, on top of base notes of amber and cedar. As I’m olfactorily challenged, writing this review has made me realize I evidently favour rose scents with a musky base – who knew!? It sounds a bit sickly and floral from the notes but it’s a really lovely feminine light scent – and quite unique I feel as well. I was really disappointed by how little I liked the new Chloe fragrance after loving this one so much.

My old day time staple was Stella McCartney’s Peonies in Two.
Never really got the name of this one but I’m not selling it, I’m spraying it so who cares. It starts with peony notes (duh.) and what is described as “black pepper” but has always smelled more like red peppers, as in the ones you can eat – a bit citrusy but still with that peppery smell. Base notes are patchouli and amber (hello, my old friends). It can smell a little sharp if you spray too much at first, but that soon fades. It does need some topping up but overall its a goody!

Lastly, one of my favourites is another men’s fragrance! I like the women’s version too but Issey Miyake’s “L’Eau de Issey pour homme” is not only lovely smelling but reminds me of my dad.
A few of my guy friends got it recently which I’ve found a bit strange as they all smell like my old man! It was also launched in the year I was born so it just feels very personal – I know, that is so lame! Top notes of juniper, bergamot and lavendar, middle notes of sage, coriander, and freesia, with bases of sandalwood, cedar and moss. Nice clean looking bottle as well.

What are your favourite fragrances? I’m currently lusting after Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir (bit different for me) and Naughty Alice.