Budget Brilliance!

19 Feb

God, I love nail polish.

I’m not allowed to wear it at work which is a bit of a bummer, but that’s only two evenings a week. On the fateful Westfield trip where I splurged on Inglot (the brushes are rubbish! Review to come. So disappointed, I should’ve just bought MAC) L.A. Colors were discovered in some beauty discount store I forget the name off. Obviously this prompted delighted giggles, squeals of “shinyyyy!!!” and “99p!!!” and much running about.

I bought five. Hooray for cheap!

Above is the combination of a gunmetal grey shade called Tropical Storm (Look, just cos we cheap don’t mean we don’t get to be all enigmatic and OPI on yo asses) with “Sparkling Diamonds” laid over the top. Tropical Storm is nice, well pigmented (only needed two coats and it was pretty solid on the first) but Sparkling Diamonds is like OH HELLA YES. I think I may have shouted “Awwwwwww yeah” on application because I was stunned. The brush comes out looking a freaking Swarovski advert it’s so covered in sparkle. Sparkle which transferred to my nails with ease. A mixture of silver glitter and larger hexagonal silver sequiny things, the above layer of sparkle is basically one coat. I’M IN LOVE. They make me feel like my nails have jumped out of a bond film straight into real life.

Since I was a little heady from my delightedness, I decided to detail my ring fingers with a coat of Barry M’s crackle effect top coat. Mmmmmm mama. I realize my hands look a little over the top and kind of like I could purchase drugs with them, they’re so pimped, but I don’t care. They so niiiice.

AND 99p! 99p! God, I love cheap stuff.


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